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Anonymous asked:
why would you want to reply 'rape' in the bedroom when so many people suffer from violent and sexual rape attacks every day, I just don't understand how something so destructive can be such a turn on, and if it turns you on that badly, I question your mental and psychological health (this coming from someone that has suffered with being sexually assaulted before) hell I have fantasies for sure but rape? that scares me


It’s funny how you’re trying to be a feminist in a way and trying to make me look bad in this situation when the only time I’ve done it was when the GIRL asked me to do it and countless of GIRLS have told me it was their fantasy. 

I did rape role play with a girl because she had suffered being raped as a child and to her, doing it would give her somewhat of closure because she could feel in control of the situation unlike when she was raped. It was her idea, full 100% consent and we put guidelines and a safe word in play so if she felt uneasy I would stop straight away.

There is nothing wrong with my mental and physiological health at all, you’re the disgusting one trying to shame people on something you are ignorant about.  Just because you went through something and deal with it a certain way doesn’t mean that’s how everyone should deal with it and people who don’t are “mentally ill”.

People have fantasies and kinks and if they are both consenting adults and aren’t harming anyone, don’t shame them.

Grow up.